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Get The Help You Need At Your Fingertips.


Time To Start Living A Stress-Free Life With Your Pup

What you'll get: 

 The Foundation Course - 

The Core Dog Parenting Skills:

    •  Canine Nutrition
    • Body Language 101
    • Canine Enrichment
    • Management Strategies
    • Decompression Walks


The Core Dog Obedience Skills:

    •  The Art of Nothing
    • Recall Aka Come Command
    • Place & Tether
    • In-Home Boundaries
    • Leash Walking Skills
    • Teaching "Wait" at Thresholds
    • The "Label" Game 



 The Behavior Course -

  •  Noise Phobias
  •  Socialization
  •  Leash Reactivity 
  •  Stranger Danger
  •  Separation Anxiety 
  • Resource Guarding


FB Classroom:

Private Facebook Classroom "A-Z Academy" where you can relate to other pet parents for support, ask questions, and get first access to new lessons.  




    • Puppy Teething 
    • Crate Training
    • Housebreaking 
    • Nutrition & Supplement Guide