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Every Multi-dog household should have a few staples in it, and this waterproof couch throw is on the top of our must-haves. This blanket comes in many colors and sizes. I purchased the blush pink and grey faux fur in the original size. Thus far, I have loved this couch cover over the traditional ones. These covers are made for dogs, and the fact they are all waterproof gives me ease of mind when accidents happen.


Even as a dog trainer, I try to run a tight ship but sometimes dogs will be dogs. Knowing that my couch or bed is protected, always having at least three dogs in my house is a good feeling. They clean up easy, and if not, throw it in the washing machine and tad dah.


These protectors and throws are made with quality, whether for the couch or bed. Both purchased ones have had a fair share of washing and drying. If you do not wish to brush out the faux fur, then I recommend getting a traditional one without the fur. If you have little dogs like Bean, they love the fur and burrowing in the blanket. Overall I suggest these for anyone wanting a couch protector with a little more style and not sacrificing durability.


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