Part II: Should I Get Another Dog?

Jun 25, 2022
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You Found THE ONE - Now What?


Woohoo! You found the perfect match… but now shit is about to get real. Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you integrate your new dog and go from couple to throuple:


Give Them Their Own Space


Keep your dogs somewhat separate for at least a few weeks so they can begin to feel each other out. Place their beds on opposite sides of the room. Maintain separate feeding stations. And make sure each has its own toys to avoid territorial spats.


Don’t Leave Them Alone Together


Your two dogs will be BFFs in no time, but until you’re sure, never leave your dogs together unsupervised. Crate them or keep them in separate rooms if you need to leave home. And watch for any low-key signs of aggression.


Establish the New Hierarchy 


Your current dog may think it's naturally in a position of authority. After all, who got there first? But that pup would be wrong. There’s only room for one boss at home. That would be you. Maintaining your position as leader of the pack will help keep things copacetic in the long run.


Treat Both Dogs Equally


You’ve gotta spread the love between both dogs. It can be tempting to give more attention to the exciting newbie. It’s also easy to overcompensate so your first dog doesn’t feel excluded. But try your best to keep it balanced so both dogs understand there’s enough love to go around.


Be Patient With the Process


Above all - let things happen naturally. Introducing a new dog to your home is always a challenge, even if you’re an experienced dog mom. Understand that it won’t all be smooth sailing. But expanding your family is always worth it in the end.

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