Re-Introduction & Where The Hell Have I Been?

Nov 11, 2022
Dog Training Academy

Where Have I Been The Last Part of The Year? 


This past year has been a struggle all the way around, and each stressor in my personal or business life affected my three dog's behavior differently. I have had to let go of the idea of a "Perfect" dog and realize our dogs are products of their environment. If your environment is toxic and reactive, guess what your dog will be too!

After a year of divorce, loss, and great growth as a person, I have had multiple times when I am ready to wave the white flag as a dog mom and professional dog trainer. What I have learned in this transforming year? is not to give up. Even if its slow progress, it is still progress! Do you know what changes behavior the most in people and dogs? CONSISTENCY. Keep going, even when you do not feel like it or have every reason to throw in the towel or not get out of bed. When you want to give up on having a better-behaved dog or changing your environment fo the better, DON'T! 

I have had to ask myself a billion times this year, why did I start this business? The reason is to help owners like you who are familiar with the struggle bus but don't give up. The dog mom or dad that wants a better future and relationship for their dogs. Cheers to you guys and for taking your pup for a walk even though your snuggie feels 1000x better. 

Sooooooo let me re-introduce myself, I’m Ruth, owner and head trainer of A-Z DOGS. I created this company to help dog owners understand their pups better and help them communicate.

Just like most relationships, communicating is the way to build trust and a bond with your pup. I, too, have been in your shoes, frustrated with which advice to follow when raising my dogs. Even as a professional dog trainer, my dogs can sometimes...suck. Yup! I said it and revealing the smoke-filled curtain of bullshit to anyone that says their dogs are 100% perfect 100% of the time.

This all began with wanting to help my two same-aged rowdy adolescent dogs, Zena & Oakley behavior and manners. I wanted to be able to take them on all the adventures and not be embarrassed with two big dogs trying to pull me down. (Just because they saw a stupid squirrel.) 🐿

I am dog mom of three beauties that you have probably seen on my page. Oakley (Akita/Heeler), Zena (Husky/Catahoula) and Bean (Chihuahua) have all taught me how to be the best trainer and dog advocate more than any textbook ever could.

I take pride in teaching pet owners that behavior goes further than basic obedience. It starts with making sure our pups are fed a proper diet and making sure their needs are met both mentally and physically.

Remember to be easy on yourself when it comes to dog parenting. Perfect dogs are not born. Our dog's behavior are products of the guidance, environment, and structure we give them.

Re-Introduction & Where The Hell Have I Been?

Nov 11, 2022

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