A Cautionary Tale: Mistaking Excercise For Fun

Jun 08, 2022
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Mistaking Hardcore Exercise for Fun


Exercise can totally be fun. Even hardcore exercise can totally be fun. That doesn’t mean it’s safe for developing dogs.


Maybe you didn’t get your puppy just to play games. Some of us are into things like long runs outdoors, and we adopted a dog to keep us company. 


Pump the brakes, speed demon.


Running with your dog can make for killer bonding time, but not until it’s cleared by your vet. Strenuous, high-impact exercises like sustained jogging can put too much stress on their still-growing bones. 


It can also screw them later in life by causing arthritis. You know how many elite athletes end up with hip transplants? We can’t always blame getting old. 


Sometimes it’s because their parents had them training eight hours a day when they were practically still in diapers. Don’t be that dog mom.


Most puppies are considered adults at about one year old. But sometimes, a puppy’s bones aren’t fully developed for up to a year after that, depending on size and breed. That’s why smart dog owners always ask for pro advice on identifying when each stage of development is happening.


But it’s okay to take internet advice for this part: let your puppy play like a puppy. 

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