A Learning Series Part 1: Reinforcement

Mar 25, 2022
Dog Training Programs Near Me

Being a perfectionist and an overachiever shows when you become a dog or two-legged parent. Your parenting and attachment style reflects the way you parent your dog. The generational loop is actual, especially if you have unresolved trauma from your childhood. Then cue the overworking and hustle cycle you fall into if you do not resolve your shit. Once you break free from this cycle, magical things start to happen. Your dog needs a compassionate but assertive parent.

Our dogs get tired faster when learning a new skill, just like we do. Especially when we, as pet parents, are overachievers and push them towards perfection.

Learning to skate on the streets these past few weeks has shed light on how our dogs feel when we start teaching them a new skill. We have to remember to have compassion as an instructor to our dogs. I am learning a new skill because I want more hobbies and outlets to get outside. Teaching a new skill to our dogs is like asking for direction in a foreign country and not speaking the native language. Your dog has no clue what the f*** you want them to do if you do not show them. Let me say that louder for the people in the back. You have to show your dogs the meaning behind the cue or command. I am not saying this to preach because I am a perfectionist in training and an overachiever.

The first few days practicing for an hour a day left me mentally and physically drained. I used parts of my brain to learn a new skill that I hadn't exercised since 6th grade. I am not a nap person most days, but a nap and a refresh are just what I needed those first few days.

I remembered how important it is to ease into things, especially when our dogs are new to us or the new routine & structure we have put into place. I should have started with 30 minutes a day and practiced the foundational skills over speed, but I am simply not that person.

If you struggle with either, book a call to discuss the best programs for you and your pup.

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