A Learning Series Part 2: Rest

Mar 28, 2022
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The art of resting and taking time to rest and restore does not come first easy for me. I always joke that I am a high wired mini-Aussie that never stops.

Part of the learning process is taking time to rest. (I kept pushing myself skating every day for two weeks straight. In reality, I needed a rest day to return even better once I had time to recharge.)

Rest days are not easy for me to take, and I am trying to reverse this toxic trait. Until then, I learn from my mistakes and help my followers do better for their pups. Giving your pup rest days is not a bad thing, I promise. Days off are what we as an American society live for, so why would we rob our pups of the same.

You have to give your new dog "quiet" time away from you, or the results will not be good. Your dog will lack coping skills when they are with you all the time—making sure you schedule rest or quiet times for your pup. If not, it becomes a stage-four clinger situation that you read more about here.

Do not hesitate to email us or set up a call to help you and your pup.

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