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A Learning Series Part 3: Resilience

Mar 30, 2022
Dog Training in CLT

Part of succeeding at a new skill is prevalence. The point of learning a new skill is to try something new and be a novice at first. 


"If you do not learn from your failures, you will never know the meaning of true success." 



 When training or bonding with your dog, it will not come naturally at first. Like your pup, you are learning a whole new skill set of multitasking and communicating with a species that does not speak the same language. It takes time and the patience of a saint to teach your new pup all the unspoken manners of the human world. On top of guiding them and making new habits for both of you, it is crucial not to give up on your dog or end a training session pissed off and stressed out.  

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