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A-Z DOGS: Who Are We?

behavior modification charlotte local dog training May 19, 2021
Charlotte Dog Training
We love our badass dog parents that are ready for a change and want to help their dog be as awesome as they are.
Even as a dog trainer, I have been in your shoes. My dogs have had leash reactivity, socialization issues, or behavioral problems. I’ve had to rehabilitate and work my ass off to get them where they are today. That’s why I know what works and what doesn’t as a trainer. Perfect dogs don’t make badass owners. Period. Yes, are our dogs assholes sometimes?
Absolutely they can be, but each dog we love and bond with teaches us to grow as a person, dog owner and turns our dream dog into reality.
This is why A-Z DOGS LLC was established to help teach you and your dog to live the best and less stressed life. We see you, busting your ass day in and day out, the dog owners out there juggling their business, career, family. The dog owner, who wants to take their dog to a brewery, hiking, socialize, and other adventures. Without being tripped, bitten, embarrassed, and micro-managing pterodactyl’s out in public. Then please message, call, or email us sooner than later, and save your stressing for the environment.
Letter From Ruth
Hello everyone,
I have worked my ass off to create my brand and name and to help my clients and doggos. I am very passionate about dogs and behavior. I have grown up with dogs, worked as a vet assistant for years, and now have currently been training dogs for 5+ years.
I’m not your typical trainer, I enjoy working with all dogs big and small, psycho and non-psycho dogs. I cuss like a sailor and wear RBF on my face most days but I truly have a heart of gold for teaching dogs and their owners. I’m passionate about living your best life with your dog. Perfect dogs aren’t born they are created by our guidance and expectations.
We are a small business and really love working with all dogs and supporting BIPOC & LGBQ communities and the environment. Mother Nature needs a lot of TLC right now. I work My butt off so my Akita mix (Oakley), Husky mix (Zena), and Chihuahua (Bean) can have the best life possible. I’m an open book if there’s anything we can do better or any questions, email us [email protected]
Ruth Smith Hayter
Owner & Head Trainer of A-Z DOGS LLC
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