Attention Seeking Behaviors In Dogs

Apr 22, 2022
Puppy Training In South Carolina

Dogs Crave Attention When They’re Bored


If you’re home alone with your dog, it’s not a humblebrag to say you’re the most interesting thing in the room. But sometimes, your dog needs a distraction. 


Especially in 2022, when being at home involves working at home for so many. You’ve got important stuff to do. Like pretending to work.


Invest in a fun, interactive dog toy like a Kong or puzzle ball. Treat-motivated dogs will unleash their inner piglet and go to town until you almost wish they would pay attention to you.


Feel sad when your dog slinks across the room looking all pathetic and lonely? Give them something to look forward to - a dog cave.


Much like a man cave, the dog cave is a place they can go to entertain themselves and leave you the hell alone. Fill the space with their dog bed, favorite blanket, chew toys, and other favs. “Go to your dog cave” will start to feel more like an adventure and a lot less like rejection.


 Any Attention Is Better Than None. 


No matter if its your dog or toddler getting into things, they have one mission. Seeking attention from a human whether they have to chase me or yell at me is still better than no attention. 


If this sounds all too familiar please call us sooner than later. Training your pup is an investment that will last a lifetime. A foreign body surgery to remove the rug they have been gnawing on, is not a gift that keeps giving. 

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