Baby On Board: Tips for Coexistence

Apr 01, 2022
So you’ve made a tiny human and went from #dogmom or #dogdad to becoming a full blown parent, what?! While freaking out about every little thing comes naturally at this time, with a few tips and a lot of patience, introducing your first born doggo to your first born human can be a breeze. 
Hey y’all, it’s Felicia taking over the blog today as I’ve had the most practice in this category. I’ve been blessed x2 and had the pleasure of watching a bond grow between my fur children and human children. The most important thing to remember is that for any new things from moving to new family members there will be an adjustment period for everyone involved. Don’t expect a bond immediately and always supervise all interactions. 
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Some may suggest carrying around a baby doll for a few weeks or the months prior to the arrival of your new baby, but I never bothered with that. My 6 month old pug knew something was brewing and my 10 year old husky was too mellow for me to worry. 
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Our dogs can read body language and the energy in the room. If you’re nervous, they’re nervous and may also experience some jealousy. When introducing your baby you want to start slow and low key. Always stay calm and reward positive behaviors. I alway start out with some sniffs and typically try to feed the baby with my animals snuggled near. Going on walks together or bonding on the floor during tummy time while supervised are great options. Always use your best judgment and go at a safe pace for everyone involved. 
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No matter the temperament of your dog you should always give them the space they need. Babies can be loud and stressful and in those chaotic moments it might be a good idea to give your dog some crate time with their favorite chew toy. The crate should always be your dog's sanctuary and should remain a kid-free zone. 
As our human children get older it’s so important to teach our children how to interact with the animals in the house. Training your human child is just as important as training the fur children. You always want to teach respect but if you have a very reactive dog you’re going to want to teach your children about space and when/how to properly touch the dog. Again always supervise all interactions. 
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Below is a list of books we highly recommend to prepare for your new arrival:
Congratulations on the adventures ahead! If you’re local to Charlotte and need help with this transition, schedule a phone consult today!

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