A Learning Series To Come

Mar 23, 2022
Dog Training in Winston Salem, Nc

Zena and I have been learning a new skill. I have only skated as a kid and have busted my butt the past few weeks. It has shed light on a few things.


  1. Our dogs get tired faster when learning a new skill. Especially when we, as pet parents, are overachievers and push them.  
  2.  Part of the learning process is taking time to rest. (I kept pushing myself skating every day for two weeks straight. In reality, I needed a rest day to come back even better once my battery was charged.)
  3.  The point of learning a new skill is to try something new and be a novice to then hopefully get better and not need as much support. Part of the failure is learning what to improve the next time, not failing or falling.


More blogs/content on the learning process and how to bond with your dog more.

What topics would everyone like to see in the upcoming months or training goals/new adventures you have for you and your pup?




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