Fact or Myth: Human Food Is Bad For Dogs

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100% Percent A Fucking Myth

The evidence was there all along and somehow we still do not question enough when it comes to the health and nutrition of our pets. The same people that have told us that dogs need carbs in their diet are the same people that can benefit from us or our pets being addicted to sugars. Sugars and carbs dog hand in hand in all of the food most traditional Veterinarian recommends. Then if you talk to an Integrative or Holistic Veterinarian they will always recommend raw or homemade food. 

The truth is with the exception of a few things, dogs' health and nutrition are a lot like our own. The more their diet can resemble a paleo or keto diet the better your dog will be in the long run. Think about it dogs did not run through a wheat field with their mouth open, nor did they order a loaf of bread at the supermarket. Humans have destroyed canine's health just like we have done for our high carb, sugar, and fat diets. 

We have realized with our own human children if they are fed sugar every single morning during prime development and then wonder why they have ADD/ADHD. The same damn thing applies to our dogs. If we feed them a diet full of fillers like corn, wheat, and soy. Then wonder why they are obese or have diabetes, allergies, and more and more health problems than ever before. 

Feeding your dog a species-appropriate diet or adding fresh toppers to their bowls has been proven to add years to your dog's life. You want their bowls or ingredients to be filled with fresh meats and veggies with little additives grains or fillers. Once you take carbs out of your dog's diet they will go through a more hungry phase, just like humans do. To curb this I feed into smaller multiple meals during the transition phase. Once they are fully transitioned then I work on alternating proteins to help prevent allergies in the future.

I wish I knew five years ago when I raised, Zena that what I fed her as a puppy could have prevented her from having allergies later on in life and I could have restored her gut microbiome back then. The older my dogs get the more I realize the benefits of feeding my dogs real and whole foods.


We have to realize the better we feed our dogs is just one of many ways to be a proactive dog parent. Especially the older your pup gets the more I recommend the raw or gently cooked options. 

Schedule a consult or virtual nutrition consult to discuss how we can help you and your dog have a stress-free life. 


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