Fact or Myth: Just Throw Your Dog In Water

Aug 25, 2021
Yes, it's a myth, while most dogs are born with the ability to swim, not all are. Just throwing your dog into the pool or lake is the fastest way to make them go into a fight or flight state. Dog's bodies can take up to 6 days to fully recover from one trigger. 

Dog Swimming Tips:

  •  Start slow to ensure your dog has a good experience. Used treats or high-value rewards every time they go near or touch the water.
  • Try exposing them to an empty kiddie pool to gain confidence, and work up to half-filled. Bonus points if you give them a lick mat or special enrichment treat or toy in the pool.
  • Go for a hike and find a creek or lake that they can touch the bottom and choose to engage with the water. The best practice is to use a long leash.
  • When the dog is not able to touch the bottom or feel secure then adding a life jacket is the best way to teach your pup to be confident in the water. 
You wouldn’t throw your kid in the water with no life jacket or floats so don’t do it to your dog. Think about the way you would want to be taught a new skill and have patience with your pup. 
Utilize life jackets, practice before, or take your dog to an indoor swimming lesson like Aquapups in Charlotte, Nc to ensure they have a great Experience with water.
Don't hesitate to book a call with us, to see if we are the right dog trainer for you and your pup's goals. 

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