Dog Parent Self-Care

Apr 08, 2022
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  Self-Care Matters for Dog Owners


Does the idea of self-care seem kinda selfish? It’s not. Taking care of your own mental and physical wellness will ensure that you’re ready to show up for your dog.


They’re intuitive little buggers and they know when you’re not running on a full tank. If you’ve been putting yourself last for so long that you don’t know where to start, look to your pup for inspiration.


No, really.


Live in the moment. Nap like it’s your job. Prioritize play. Embrace curiosity. Teach yourself new tricks. Get dirty. Relish that piece of cake. Chase your tail. Just close the blinds first.


Dogs Need Alone Time, Too


Getting a new dog is a lot like the beginning of any new relationship. It’s thrilling to get to know each other’s quirks, make new memories, and spend every second together.


Then the novelty wears off. And that’s okay. Here’s what you are responsible for as a good dog owner:

  • Food and water
  • Shelter
  • Safety and security
  • Healthcare
  • Love and acceptance


What’s not on the list? You’re not expected to be a constant source of entertainment. You’re not required to stand watch 24/7. Your life does not revolve around your dog. Because that would be weird. 


No one needs round the clock stimulation and social interaction. Not even dogs. 


No more guilt-tripping over leaving for work (or closing the door to WFH), running errands, or zoning out to crappy reality TV. Your dog is intelligent, resourceful, and perfectly capable of entertaining itself for a few hours.


An added benefit is that when time is segmented, it’s easier to stay present. If playtime is all about playtime (and only playtime) it will be that much more enjoyable for you both. Quality beats quantity, always.



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