Fact or Myth: Flooding Your Dog

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Almost six years ago, when Zena was a puppy everything from nutrition to how we treat our dogs has changed. If you are not constantly evolving and growing as a person, then you become subordinate


Life around us is ever adapting to this world, and we should be applying the exact science with our dogs. When Zena was a puppy, I was taught to expose my dog to different people and dogs. If they were scared, then it was because you needed to expose them more.


Little did we realize this flooding technique is one of the worst. Flooding means that you expose or "flood" your dog until they get over it. It is hard to work you and your pup though a come apart and your embarrassment grows trying to get both of your lives together.


Try not to flood your pup , life happens and so do ambushes, but 

One of the fastest ways to bond with your new pup is to respect them. That means advocating for them while learning how bizarre the human world is.

The more you learn about dog body language, the more you realize how truly fucked up this technique is. Scared of heights? Mmk, well, go ahead and jump out of the airplane or else. Would you get over your fear? Maybe but only because the threat of something worse is at hand. Would you have a panic attack or just blackout? Most definitely. The point of all this is to apply how you would want trust and support to overcome fear in your life. That is precisely what your dog needs, an advocate—someone who slowly introduces different environments and socialization on their terms. That may look like standing outside the dog park or store, and people watch. Bring a ball or treats so if you can tell your pup is getting scared, then you can help excite them and focus on a game of "fetch" or "go find it." Slowing down and letting your pup sniff and relax for the first ten minutes in a new environment will set the whole adventure for success.

As humans, you do not decide how fast your dog overcomes their fear. It takes time and patience. If you can not or do not have time, this is why hiring a professional is one of the best investments you can make for yourself and your pups' future.

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