Hiring A Proffesional Dog Trainer

behavior modification charlotte local dog Jan 17, 2022

We usually recommend a few things below to consider when investing in hiring a professional dog trainer. Remember those dog trainers that look at behavior, nutrition, and have long-term programs are worth their weight in gold. The first year of bringing your new dog hope is the most crucial to setting the stage for the future with your pup.


 Trust and Like the person you will hire and be sure to interview them or ask for a zoom visit to see where the dogs will be staying, agenda, downtime, and program details. If you wouldn't want to have a beer with the trainer you hire, I would not advise trusting your dogs' behavioral health with someone that you do not click with at all. 



Share the same philosophies as your trainer. It is crucial to see eye to eye with your dog trainer's beliefs and what methods they are helping you teach your pup in a trainer and client relationship. Your dog parenting style reflects what you learned as a child. A lot in the dog world has changed a lot in the past five years, let alone since most millennial parents have raised a puppy or dog.


Consider Before Investing In A Dog Trainer:

If you don't trust or believe in the methods of the dog trainer you hire, then it will lead to non-compliance. You have to trust your gut and make sure you have a good relationship with your dog trainer and your dog. If either is off, then you need to keep interviewing potential trainers.

Non-compliance leads to money being thrown in the bin if you disagree with how they treat you or your dog. Your dog must trust the person helping you both communicate better and live stress-free. It is equally essential that the dog trainer is not an ass hole to you as the dog parent. If they make you feel guilty or fuss at you for things, you didn't know from the start. Then more than likely, you need to run from that trainer because it will be a waste of time for both you, your dog, and the trainer. You are not paying someone to be nice to your dog but then verbally abuse you, and unfortunately, there are a lot of dog trainers like this.

Hiring a dog trainer can be challenging, but if you or your partner do not feel 100 percent with your decision of hiring a dog trainer, that can hinder your dog's training success. Relationships can also turn sour if two dog parents have opposite philosophies and are not on the same page before hiring a professional.


If you are in Charlotte, North Carolina, then book a phone consult with us to see if we are a good fit for you and your dogs training goals.

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