How Much Does Dog Training Cost?

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How Much Does Dog Training Cost?

How Much Does Dog Training Cost?


A lot. 


The cost is not for only teaching you as well as your dog. The client should be the most crucial aspect of any dog trainer you hire. Teaching the dog is one skill, but you have failed as a dog trainer if you can not teach the owner. 


Teaching the dog and the owner how to be the best is a lifelong skill. So yes, dog training is an investment in your time and money to better your dog. It's hard choosing someone when the market is flooded now more than ever, and you must do your due diligence of interviews and research. 


If the dog training has years of experience and practice, it will run you a few thousand or more depending on the length of the program and contract. 


Why does that matter?

We are past the years of turn and burn their type of trainers. These trainers will take over the number of dogs anyone can handle, leading to insanity and significant burnout. A hostile environment is not a good learning environment for your pup.

This brings us to our next point always look at references and do your homework. Dog training is unregulated, so trust your gut if you see or feel any red flags. If not, this can cost you over 5-10k in fixing the first few trainers mess up or, worse, potentially harm your fur baby. 


In-home or private sessions will always be a less expensive route than a board and train. When do I recommend a Board and Train option? Board and trains if an experienced trainer, can run around 4k and above, at the current moment. The dog industry is in high demand, and these prices keep going up. I usually recommend the board and train option if your time is limited. If you travel a lot or have an inconsistent household or schedule, then it is something you should consider. Consistency is key when teaching new skills and why board and train can be so beneficial. This program can help jumpstart the dogs' behavior, and then the owner keeps up the maintenance.

Board and trains are so expensive because we are on call and working 24/7 to help teach your pup the correct behaviors and fulfill their lives mentally and physically while at camp. It is important to ask certain questions when hiring a dog trainer. See our Investing In A Dog Trainer. 

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