Millineal Dog Parent Guilt

behavior modification dog parenting Mar 04, 2022
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Millennial Dog Mom Guilt Is No Joke


No one adopts a pet expecting to suck at being a pet owner. 


How hard can it be? So many people do it.


And you weren't going to be like those crap dog moms out there. You did your research. You did everything Google said to do, and you nailed it.


Except maybe the part about the ideal diet. The vet-recommended food that came in a can seemed like enough. But that ad on YT said….


And brushing their teeth every day? Who does that?


Walks twice a day, check. Except for that time, it was raining for three days straight. Maybe skipping one is okay. Or is that just the fast track to weight problems, anxiety, and rebellion?


Maybe this dog will need therapy. Perhaps you'll both need treatment. Shit.


Take a deep breath.


Being Perfect Isn't Realistic.


(Say that again, dog parent, say it until f***ing you believe it.)



I look back on this picture from a year ago and remember that raising a pup is never an easy task and is never linear. Some of the biggest wins will put you in situations you never thought you'd be in, causing the most significant loss. It is the same way when it comes to dog parenting. You would never have been here if you weren't a sucker for 


Please do not listen to anyone's opinions or let anyone make you feel guilty. Honestly, you are better to learn how to navigate both the wins and the losses, especially regarding your pup's behaviors. The goal is to keep going. Keep growing and learning as a person and a pet parent to help your dog live their best lives.


Oakley went through his surgery's a year ago and was at his all-time chunkiness. I look back at his progression and see him fully capable and happy after a double ACL replacement. It was percent worth it to see him happy and getting to be that goofy Akita we love so dearly. 


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