Our Training Philosophies: Don't Be A Dick

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What are our training philosophies at A-Z DOGS?

It is simple. Don't be a dick.

Dog parents that ask too many questions are our favorite. No, we are not being sarcastic for once because we are the same way.

So what does not being a dick mean in our programs mean?

It means we treat your pup with the utmost respect and train them just how we would want to learn a new skill or language. If you have not followed our blog or my origin story, you can read that here.

In my first two years of dog training as a "Balanced" trainer, I was taught everything not to do. I was introduced as a dog trainer to be reactive versus proactive and, unfortunately, saw some of the worst trainers in the dog industry. Because of the horrid things I noticed early on, I started my own business. I have rewired my brain and dogs to reverse everything I was taught early on. Growing up, I started reading Cesar Milan books thinking this was the best way but not realizing a lot of dogs do not respond well to forceful training methods. When you know better, you do better for yourself and your dog. Everything from nutrition to behavior has changed dramatically in the past five years. My goal as a professional dog trainer is to set owners up for success through programs that I have used to work through my own dogs' behaviors. I strive never to become a dog trainer that only cares about quantity over quality. Always help your dog through their behaviors and fears just how we want to be supported after a long workday. There is no one-size-fits-all in dog training, especially after the COVID puppy era. It is vital to hire someone who agrees with philosophies and starts with the least intrusive methods.

If you need pointers of questions, see our blog here on investing in the right dog trainer. Book a phone consult with us if you are ready to work on your dog's goals and have a stress-free relationship!

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