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Part III: The Art of Speaking Dog

behavior modification dog behavior May 02, 2022
Dog Training Charlotte, NC

Ever wonder why your dog is better around certain people?

Your Energy Matters


If you are in a bad mood or getting frustrated just think about how your dog feels when they have no clue what you are saying. The same is true when that lady with good intentions gets your pup so excited with baby talk, it takes you half an hour just to get them to calm back down. 

Hopefully after Part I & Part II you are getting better at communicating with your pup.

One of the biggest reasons we as the pros get called in is because training takes patience.

Your Mindset Matters

There are no ways around it. Your dog will bring so much joy but just like any other Bff, they know the right nerve to poke. 

This is where it is so hard to not take it personally and scream into the air. Your dog knows how to get a rise out of you every time. Having the patience of a saint is not in most people's nature. 

This is where getting coaching for you and your pup is so important. 



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