Product Review: Fi Collar

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Fi Collar Review

I have waited to purchase a GPS collar to see how Fi Collar withstood the competition of other tracking and health-related collars. They all hit the market simultaneously, but Fi has surpassed other companies by far. I am so glad I finally took the leap and purchased the Fi collars for Zena and Oakley.

The Fi collar is the equivalent of an Apple watch for dogs. It tracks steps, miles, location, and sleep. It also has a lot of sleeker designs versus its competition, the Whistle. The Fi collar also had interchangeable bands with many collars to choose from their favored companies. I chose Nora & Beau biothane collars. Biothane is a waterproof material that is excellent for sensitive skin dogs. They even have the option to get your pet's name and phone number heat-stamped into the collar. This option is perfect for me, having a huge pet peeve of collar tags rattling all the time.

These collars were an excellent addition to the sleekness of the Fi. I love that the collar alerts when the dogs leave the virtual fence. My favorite aspect of the Fi collar is the sleep feature. We, as humans, forget how important proper sleep is. Not only have the correct amount of hours but also on a routine basis. A dog needs over 12 hours of sleep a day, and puppies can be close to 16-18 hours. Unlike humans, dogs do not need rest consecutively, so letting your dog nap off and on is okay. A dog's sleep cycle can be challenging if kids in the household want to play. Dogs need a quiet and safe space to be separated from the everyday chaos. Suppose the dog is still a puppy and will always choose play over taking a nap. On the flip side, if your dog is reactive, they can't nap throughout the day because they are always on edge. This behavior continues the sleep deprivation cycle.

Overall I have enjoyed seeing the stats of the application and being more intuned to how many steps each dog needs to get in daily. The sleek design and excellent battery life make life easier.

Beau & Nora website where I got Zena and Oakley's custom collars. 

If you are needing help with your dog's recall or anything from behavior to nutrition then schedule a phone consult to discuss the best programs. 

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