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decompression dog parent products let them sniff Mar 01, 2022
Dog Mom North Carolina

There are so many options when purchasing anything for you or your dog. The pandemic has added more consumers, leaving you confused about choosing the best products.

Choosing the right shoe for dog adventures is probably not on everyone's to-do list. These shoes did not disappoint when it comes to my everyday dog training lifestyle. Only one shoe has withheld over a year of daily abuse, Vessi. I never thought it was essential to have a waterproof shoe, but I could never go back now. Having a waterproof and comfortable shoe has made my life easier as a dog trainer. I do not have to worry about wet shoes or socks anymore if I am trotting through the grass or park for a decompression walk.

I have walked through so much water, creek, and mud with my Vessi's. The best part is just hosing them off to clean them and keep going about my day. I usually average anywhere from 3-6 miles per day with my Vessi's. For a normal dog parent, these are going to last a long time. 

They are simple, stylish, and all-around dog-proof, as they claim. Not only does Vessi have sneakers, they just released their new boots. These boots are everything for Winter, cold and rainy days. They are not only cute with a pair of leggings but are the most comfortable shoe my feet have ever known. They are easy to slip on and fully waterproof as well.

If you are unsure what shoes are suitable for the dog park and the city streets, these are a must. They are my everyday go-to, and I hope to see more from Vessi that have more traction for some severe outdoor adventures. My Merrel or Columbia boots do not withstand being in the middle of a creek like my Vessi's do.

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