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Protecting Our Pups Feet from the Heat

dog behavior dog health Jul 14, 2021
Protecting Your Dogs Paws

Hot Dog Summer: Protecting Our Pups Feet from the Heat

It’s important to remember as this summer continues to burn on, that the asphalt may be too hot for your dog to walk on. There is a quick way to check-called the “Seven Second Test” where you take the back of your hand and touch the pavement. If you can’t hold out for the full seven seconds then it’s definitely too hot for your pup! The ground is always much hotter than the air so even if it may feel comfortably warm to you the ground could be burning hot! 


Symptoms of Burns
First degree - Burnt area is red and swollen
Second degree - Clear blisters form
Third degree - Skin is charred
If your dog experiences a burn always consult your vet but in the meantime vets recommend you start by cooling down their paws under running water (be sure the water is not ice-cold) and then bandaging each affected paw or cover with a sock or clothing till it can be accessed by a trained professional.
You can easily avoid burns by walking your dog in the grass or by moving walks to a cooler time in the day like the morning or late evening.
Now go enjoy a burn-free decompression walk with your pup this summer!
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