App Review: SniffSpot

canine enrichment charlotte local dog behavior Feb 04, 2022
What is Sniff Spot?

This app is a game-changer for dog parents, especially if you have a sweet but psycho pup. Leash reactivity is typical in high drive breeds and is usually due to lack of exposure around their triggers while on leash. They think the leash holds them back and makes them act out like a fool on a leash. Whether your dog is reactive because of nature, nurture, or past life, it shouldn't exclude going places.

If you have a dog that can not go to a dog park or have some type of dog park PTSD, then I recommend Sniff Spot. Sniff Spot can be an excellent solution for non-reactive dogs, especially if they are not getting proper exercise. Many dogs fall under this category because their behavior or the human's busy life gets in the way.

The concept is that you rent out other people's backyards or properties in usually hour increments. The price range can be anywhere from $5 and up, depending on the size of the property. The nice thing is the more dog parents that learn about the app, the more locations in each city become available. A year ago in Charlotte, Nc, there were only a few options for Sniff Spots. The yard sizes can vary from .25 acres or less and range from 40 acres or more. There is now a Sniff Spot on Charlotte's outskirts, a forty-acre farm.

The reality is that COVID created a lot of reactivity and fearful pups that need a new way of life. It is okay if your dog doesn't like every human or dog. You are no longer in the minority. Reactive dogs are the majority of dog parents struggling right now. Dogs need to have proper physical and mental exercise. Sniffing for dogs does both, and this app is a fantastic way to get you and your doggo out of the house.

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