Uncensored: Unapologetic & Tough Convos

behavior modification dog health dog nutrition dog training Nov 17, 2021
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Guys listen,
Most of you guys know that I have built my business on being genuine and authentic, even if the truth hurt.
But guess what?
I've messed up and have taken full responsibility. I haven't been as opinionated or as loud as I should be about specific topics.
Even though there are things like nutrition that I have learned a lot and have seen benefits firsthand.I have tried to stay quiet on my platform, but there is no room for ignorance when it comes to our pets' health.
Our responsibility as dog parents is to question everything we expose our dog to, inside and out.
Whether it is a Pet Professional, Veterinarian, or Friend, it's our job to question everything. This means doing your research on both sides and looking at experts in the field and their agenda. Then formulate your own opinion and conclusion. I would not have the courage to finally speak my opinion without the "The Forever Dog" book published last week. This book marks a revolution in the dog industry. Dr. Karen Becker & Rodney Habib shed light on the best ways to help your dog live as long as possible. They discuss how fast the pet food industry has exploded and is owned by corporate giants who do not care about your pet's health.
We as pet parents have to look out for our fur babies and how we can keep them around for the longest amount of time. We need to question everyone's agenda in the dog industry. No one cares more about your dog than you do. Get ready for some tough and real convos in the next few weeks.
Ruth Hayter
Owner & CEO
Full disclosure I am not a Veterinarian or Veterinarian nutritionist, but this is my opinion with over eight years in the pet industry as a vet assistant, dog trainer, and dog mom to 3 wonderful fur babies. I endeavor to help pet parents be more educated and formulate their own opinions.

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