When Bed Sleeping Is NOT Ideal:

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Rarely dog behavior is black and white, and the same goes for dog parenting. Below is a list of the times where I do not recommend bed sleeping until you hire a professional trainer to get some foundation and structure in the home first. Remember as your pup ages and the years go on you can easily start allowing them more and more privileges than before. 

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 When Bed Sleeping Is NOT Ideal:

  • Newly adopted dogs or puppies should be introduced to a new home with strict boundaries and structure. This is ideal for them to acclimate to a new environment and decompression time. Once you have been strict for a few months, loosen the reins as they adjust to the new environment and daily routine.   


  • Aggressive or Fearful Dogs, especially if you have not trained an "OFF" the couch or bed cue. If you have not worked with a trainer on understanding body language, it is imperative to understand nonverbal cues from your dog. 


  • When you or your dog are codependent on each other, this never ends pretty, especially if the human is more attached to the dog. Dogs and people can mirror each other's personalities and anxieties. (Yes, your dog mimics your behavior.) 


  • If you or your significant other have sleeping problems or overheating at night, bed sleeping is not ideal. If either of you is not getting the proper sleep, that can affect every aspect of your life and how you deal with stress. (Oakley being an Akita is why he chooses the coldest temperature spot under the window to sleep.) 


  • Your dog seems restless in the bed or gets up more than 1-2 times a night. Dogs need 12-16 hours of sleep a day, and this does not have to be consecutive sleep like humans. Your dog does need restful sleep without you tossing and turning or disturbing them every few hours. 


The trick is to train a safe space, whether a kennel, bedroom, or X-pen. Dogs need self-soothing time and autonomy to learn so, which is a lifelong skill. No matter where your dog sleeps at night, It is your job as a dog owner to help your dog understand how to self-soothe and help your dog have their independence. This can be done when the dog is a puppy or is new to you. In severe cases, you have to slowly work backward to introduce time alone and proper coping skills.

If you need any coaching, online program, or are local to the Carolinas then schedule a phone consult so we can help you turn your dog into your well-mannered best friend. 

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