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Ruth Ann Smith 


Ruth was raised with German Shepards growing up and always loved having a fur companion around. I started as a Veterinarian Assistant back in 2014, this then transitioned into my dog training career. My first dog as an adult was a rescue named, Stark. Stark was thrown out of a car by his previous owners and had some serious trauma by the time he came to me. I went on a mission to try to rehabilitate my dog, Stark, read more of his story here. I saw the need for more trainers that specialize in behavior problems and the disconnect. In 2017, Ruth started out dog training by going through an intensive dog training academy as a balanced trainer. After realizing that she wanted to dig deeper into behavioral issues and have a softer approach than balanced training.  Ruth started A-Z DOGS LLC at the beginning of the pandemic in May 2020. Ruth has three dogs that started out less than perfect. Oakley an Akita/Heeler Mix, Zena a Husky/Pitty Mix, both five years old, and Bean a 5lb Chihuahua. Each of Ruth's personal dogs has helped shape their training programs to teach you how to become the best dog parent possible. 

Ruth spends her spare time with their three pups traveling, hiking, and going on adventures in her off time. 

Ruth is always learning more about behaviors and dogs. She attends the yearly Victoria Stillwell Dog Behavior Conference as well as The Aggression in Dogs Conference, and many more continuing education, to keep up to date in an ever-changing field. 

Read more about her training and dog parenting style through her blog. 

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I don't think I could have found a better trainer for my dog! Ruth was so patient getting to know Tuck and Tuck absolutely loved her. He knew exactly when she was coming and would get so excited to see her and walk with her. Tuck had some reactive tendencies when people would be in his space, Ruth helped him realize that people coming over was a positive thing. I am so sad I am moving out of state and can't use her anymore, she is absolutely amazing. Thank you Ruth!

- Maggie & Tuck 

Amazing Clients & Doggos Stories

Meet Oakley,

He is a 6 yr old, Akita & Cattle dog mix that loves going to work with mom. He also enjoys car rides and sun bathing outside. This lucky guy gets to be surrounded by all these beautiful fur ladies every day. He's Ruth's resident treat tester and obviously from the pic, is a very cool dude.

Oakley's Story

Meet Zena,

Husky and Pitty mix. Ruth's baby girl, and our very own door greeter. She hands out smiley stickers in the form of wet kisses and tail wags. She's a very good girl and has taught Ruth so much about dealing with more difficult and high-energy breeds. 
Zena's Story




Ruth is very passionate, patient and knowledgeable. As a first time dog owner, I truly appreciate Ruth's guidance on training, food & enrichment tip/suggestions. She is nice enough to be flexible on scheduling when my dog needed a surgery and recovery time(s), she cares about your pet's well being. She tailored the training to our environment and dynamic. Took lots of hours for my pet and I to practice but worth it at the end. Will use her again if my dog develops new problem later on or when I get another dog. I'll give her and her team 5 star for the overall performance.

- Claudia L. & Valkyrie

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Meet Bean,

Last but not least we have Ruth & Alan's teacup chihuahua, Bean. At 4.5lbs she's 95% eyeballs and ears. She's our professional stamp licker and only charges 2 biscuits to shred a pound of paper.

Bean's Story

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