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We Help Dog Parents Have Stress-Free Adventures With Their Pups In The Carolinas.


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 Dog Training 

In Charlotte Area.

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Knowledge of eight years in the dog industry. How to teach you to be the best dog parent possible. Read more about our journey here. 

Building healthy habits for you and your pup takes time and expertise. We have of trained psycho and non-psycho doggos with over eight years of experience. Yes, it’s okay to have your dog in the bed. I know insert gasp. 😱 

No BS.


We believe in being kind to you and your dog. You can read our philosophies here.

We help you and your dog succeed with our customize a treatment plan for training, enrichment, and health. When we say custom plans we mean it. We are here to help you both live the life you imagined. 



When hiring a professional dog trainer you are investing into both you and your pup’s futures. New habits aren't formed without consistency and the support to reach your pup's goals.

Getting help is one step closer to a Stress-free life together. 

Dog Parents - are you still struggling with your pup's behavior?


The annoying AF pulling on the leash - your wrists and shoulders are killing you, let alone ypu headache from telling them to slow down. That walk was the furthest thing from a "relaxing stroll with the dog." 
The embarrassing behavior when you're just trying to take a walk around your neighborhood - forget about weekend adventures for now. You can't even make it around the block without asking yourself why you partake in self torture! 
The frustration when your dog doesn't listen to you - you could wave a steak in front of them & they'd still give you the middle paw and say "No,  human, I am not doing that."


You feel the guilty AF if you leave your pup out of your favorite activities because you can't risk it, but stressing while checking the dog camera increases your anxiety.  
You need help, so apply now to see if we are a good fit for you and your pup's training goals. 
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This is an online academy created by Ruth and her 8 years of knowledge in the dog industry. These lessons help teach you and your dog. The content covers Nutrition, Enrichment, Obedience, Behavior Problems, and how to raise the perfect pup. 


Private Coaching  

We offer In-Person Private Lessons and in combination of our A-Z Academy. Our clients have 24/7 access to lessons to build the foundation. In addition to private coaching to help tackle your pup's goals in real life. 



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Board & Train 

If your schedule is already jam-packed, let us jump-start your pups behavior in the right direction! We offer stress-free board and trains where your pup comes to live with us in our home! Our A-Z Academy helps you learn all the skills to maintain behavior while your pup is at camp. 

(Note: B&T Slots are limited and book up fast.)

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How To Get Started Towards A Stress-Free Life

Schedule A Phone Consult


Connect with Ruth to discuss you and your dog's lifestyle and goals. 

Custom  Training Plan 


We create a custom plan that is tailored to you and your pup's goals and adventures. 

Start Gaining A Stress-Free Life.


We help teach you how to be the best dog parent and help you and your dog have a stress-free relationship!



Moxie & Sophie

"After two of our fur babies had a freak accident with each other that spiraled quickly into reactiveness, aggression and lack of trust with each other, we knew we needed help before things got any worse.  Ruth is extremely knowledgeable, kind and very understanding. Ruth has not only helped our girls to be able to coexist again and start repairing their relationship, but she has also helped my husband and I to be even better dog parents!! If I could give more than 5 stars I would in a heartbeat! Ruth is incredible at what she does and will love and care for your pup(s) just as much as you do, all while helping them to be the best doggo!! We are so fortunate and grateful that we get to continue to learn and grow with the best!"

- Hillary F.

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